Gainful Employment 2023

Financial Value Transparency and Gainful Employment (GE), Financial Responsibility, Administrative Capability, Certification Procedures, Ability to Benefit (ATB) Rule Updates

The beauty and wellness education sector is under attack from the Department of Education. According to the Associated Press, more than two thirds of the private cosmetology programs would lose the availability to participate in the student federal loan program. This would essentially close these schools, exacerbating a shortage of beauty and wellness professionals. With any newly proposed rules, the Department of Education allows public comments. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your concerns with the proposed gainful employment rules which will have a devastating impact on the beauty and wellness sector. Don’t let the government take away federal student aid from future beauty and wellness professionals.

We need you to let the Department of Education know that their proposed rules on gainful employment will essentially put the private beauty and wellness schools out of business. This will cause a dire crisis for the beauty and wellness industry causing irreversible damage. We have made it easy for you to share your comments.

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