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CEA Conference –  Annual Conference – Webinars

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Please review the instructions below and use the buttons above to apply as a speaker for 2024 AACS Career Educators Alliance (CEA) Conference, Annual Conference, or Webinar Wednesdays.

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Meeting Dates
Speaker Application Deadline
2024 AACS CEA Conference July 20-22 Houston, TX  

April 1, 2024


2024 AACS Annual Conference October 25-27 Houston, TX  

June 1, 2024


2024 AACS Webinar Wednesdays Monthly Online Continuous


The CEA audience is primarily beauty and wellness school classroom instructors—those individuals who are in the classroom every day interacting with students.

The Annual Conference audience is primarily school owners and directors in the areas of operations, finance, compliance, admissions, marketing, and career services.

The monthly Webinar Wednesdays will cover the following four topics: Admissions & Marketing, Teaching & Education, Financial Aid/Compliance, Operations.


2024 Education Tracks

Concurrent breakout sessions will be offered in the tracks listed below for the two events. Do you have expertise or lessons learned to share with your AACS community in any of the following areas?

CEA Conference (past CEA tracks shown below; 2024 tracks TBD)

  • Using Technology In the Classroom
  • Personal and Professional Awareness
  • Innovative Teaching Methodologies

AACS Annual Conference

  • Operations/Owners
  • Compliance/Government Relations
  • Admissions and Marketing
  • Financial Aid and Funding
  • Career Services
  • New Schools/Accreditation

AACS Webinar Wednesday

  • Admissions & Marketing
  • Education & Faculty Training
  • Financial Aid, Accreditation & Compliance
  • Operations

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