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Join the only national association exclusively representing the beauty and wellness education sector. Join other vendors in this member organization which brings together the beauty, barbering, and wellness education sector.

Becoming an AACS Partner Member at the Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Copper partner level will provide you with greater exposure to the decision makers for the goods and services you provide the beauty and wellness school industry. Our partner program provides greater recognition, priority booth assignment, external communication opportunities, and more. You will also have first choice of available sponsorships, opportunities to attend school owner dinners, present at conferences, and most importantly secure space at the coveted Regional Partner Events held in conjunction with NACCAS.


AACS hosts the only two national conferences dedicated exclusively to the beauty, barbering, and wellness education sector.

The AACS Career Educator’s Alliance Conference in July,  supports our educators with educational sessions to develop and enhance their teaching skills.  A interactive exhibit hall is offered to our vendors to connect with the attendees and numerous sponsorship opportunities allow you to further showcase your commitment to the industry.

The AACS Annual Conference in October attracts owners, directors and other operations staff to attend its numerous workshops and events including the Annual Owner’s Dinner.  Vendors have the opportunity to showcase their goods and services in the exhibit hall, as well as sponsor a variety of activities during the event.  It is your one opportunity to engage the leading owners and directors of beauty, barbering and wellness schools from across the country.


Every quarter, AACS hosts a Quarterly Partner Expo held in conjunction with the NACCAS training workshops.  Annually, our partners are able to interact with approximately 800 owners and directors from schools across the country.  This exclusive event sells out quickly and gives our partners unique access to a majority of the school owners from one coast to the other.

This event is exclusive for AACS Partner Sponsors.


Educational Webinars

As an AACS Partner Member, you are invited to present at educational webinars throughout the year.  Topics cover the varied aspects of school operations including, marketing/admissions, financial aid/compliance, human resources, student services/placement, general operations, finance/accounting, and legislative/regulatory affairs.  If you or someone in your company is an expert in one or more of these topics, we encourage you to engage our membership through these presentations.


AACS Partners have an opportunity to get the most out of their membership through annual and event sponsorship.  Our  annual Partner Sponsorships package together event exhibit registration, special recognition, marketing opportunities and other benefits.  During our events, AACS Sponsors will also have an opportunity to maximize their visibility through sponsorship of a wide range of activities and items.  For more information, please contact Kimber Nation at