American Crew All Star Student Competition

For the first time ever, a student edition of the competition will be hosted in the US.

Learn more about the 2021 winner, Ryan White, here.

Beacon Competition

Produced by the Professional Beauty Association, the Beacon Program is designed to help students prepare for life after cosmetology school. Beacon is a national student competition where top entrants win industry-wide recognition and are invited to Beacon events throughout the country.

Junior Style Stars

Junior Style Stars is for the enhancement of careers in the cosmetology field by providing the platform for the future hairstylist to develop their artistic skills. Unlike other competitions, Junior Style Stars allows all students, regardless of location, to compete on a completely level playing field, void of all the usual politics. Each competitor competes on the identical mannequin and receives the same photography. All work must be done at the competitor’s beauty school under strict instructor supervision. Judging is done via the Internet. There are safeguards in place to ensure total honesty.