Brockton barber creates a buzz with roster of celebrity clients

Alisha Saint-Ciel, of The Enterprise, publishes the exciting reality of a barber, Marc Amedee a celebrity barber. Amedee’s passion of being a barber was polished at Rob Roy Acamdemy and excelled by his forever passion of entrepreneurship.

At the age of 7, Marc Amedee knew he was destined to become an entrepreneur but didn’t know in what capacity.

Twelve years later, Amedee was running a business and had built an elite client list with Marxmen Cuts.

“As a kid, I was always hustling and finding ways to make an income. I would shovel snow during a storm with my cousins and sell candy at school,” Amedee said.

Once Amedee got to college, his focus began to zero in on one thing that everyone needs in life, money.

The young entrepreneur thought of ways to make money and decided to try cutting hair after visiting a local barber. Amedee requested a high-top fade, and the barber completely messed it up, he said.

“I went home to fix it in the bathroom, and my friend came in and was impressed with how I fixed my line up and asked if I could do his. I didn’t know how to cut hair, but he trusted me and it came out well,” Amedee said.

“I never had any desire to cut hair. It didn’t excite me at that time, but the summer of 2011, it came to me, so I told myself, I guess I’ll cut hair. My friend was my first client, and then I caught a buzz on campus,” Amedee said.

It began with one customer, then it turned into two, then turned into three, and in the blink of an eye, Amedee was fully booked with more than 10 clients daily.

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“Senior year, I was skipping class to cut hair. I became the campus barber. I was cutting hair in the bathroom in people’s dorms, pretty much anywhere I could,” Amedee said.

Once Amedee graduated from Framingham State University, he moved back to Brockton and faced the challenge of rebuilding his clientele. He began making house calls and continuing the business.

To become successful, Amedee knew he had to increase his skillset with a cosmetology license. So he enrolled in Rob Roy Hair Academy in December 2020 and soon graduated. He then went to work at Barber Walters in Wellesley.

In 2020, the barber’s first celebrity client, a New England Patriots player, walked into his life and wanted a fresh lineup.

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