AACS Public Relations Campaign

PLUS Communications is a Northern Virginia-based public affairs firm founded in 2011 specializing in media relations, coalition building, grassroots mobilization, advertising, digital engagement, message development, and competitive intelligence. PLUS is experienced in executing issue-based advocacy campaigns for trade associations, corporations and non-profits and was recently a finalist for PR Week’s “Midsize Agency of the Year” award.

PLUS is working with AACS to execute a comprehensive public relations campaign which will better position AACS to achieve our legislative and regulatory objectives at the federal level, ensuring lawmakers don’t pass misguided legislation that could severely harm our industry.

Overall, PLUS’ campaign will focus on developing a surround sound narrative to influence key policy makers, increase industry visibility, educate the public on the importance of the industry and ultimately to become a sought-after and trusted voice among both consumers and lawmakers alike.

To tell the specific stories of our members, PLUS will coordinate with AACS to showcase member stories and personal testimony from students to better help tell the industry’s compelling story.

PLUS will help us facilitate the sharing of testimonials and stories among member schools and AACS and to help identify members, schools and students who can advocate on AACS’ behalf. Testimonials will be key in helping to better tell the industry’s story and showcasing the real impact of the industry. It will also help us to engage members while supporting and expanding our earned media strategy. We will need your help. We ask that you please share this with your staff and others in the industry to submit your story. Find a link below to submit your success story.

We also encourage you to take action to support these efforts to save our industry from the negatives consequences of harmful legislation by donating to help us fund this important public relations campaign. To submit a donation please click the button below.

AACS looks forward to amplifying the rich stories from our membership!